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Engaging with Brent Community Housing?

Braving the erratic weather conditions, ten of the residents currently faced with eventual eviction from the Barham Park Estate were joined by twenty housing activists and anti-poverty campaigners to protest against the premature Notice To Quit orders issued by BCH. Armed only with flyers, banners and a megaphone the protestors assembled on the roundabout at […]

“We will not be moved!” Barham Park demo, Monday 11th August 2014, 5pm.

Tomorrow, Monday 11th August, marks the due date for the first tranche of households to leave the Barham Park Estate under the premature Notice to Quit orders issued by Brent Community Housing (BCH). It also marks the two week anniversary of the initial meeting between Senior Council Officers and BCH to negotiate an extension of […]

National Day of Action Against the Bedroom Tax and Austerity

All across the country, people will be protesting in their towns and cities on the 1st of June, calling for local councils, housing providers and the Government to axe the bedroom tax. As part of the day of action, Brent Housing Action invite you to a street meeting – our chance to speak out against the […]

Meeting Chalkhill

A few of us went up to Chalkhill Estate today to meet some residents and see what they think about the current benefit cuts. Unsurprisingly, most of the people we met – and we met *a lot* – were angry or worried about all the changes, and a sizeable number of people had already been […]