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Brent Activists head off to Hammer Smith! The UK’s first anti-Universal Credit demo?

Yesterday the DWP revealed just how far in denial they have become over Clown Prince of Cock-Ups  Iain Duncan Smith’s failing Universal Credit scheme. Despite IDS and his Centre for Social Justice cronies having first announced this project in 2009, it is becoming increasingly obvious that they have no clue of of how to administer […]

Welfare Cuts and Changes Workshop 19/10/13

Activists from Brent Housing Action and the Haringey Solidarity Group’s “Benefits Cap” team have joined up to present a workshop on the new Welfare reform mechanisms at this year’s London Anarchist Bookfair. This, the 25th Annual Bookfair,  will be held at Queen Mary University of London, Mile End Road, E1 4NS on October 19th between […]

Average Brent Rents V Current Housing Benefit Levels V The Benefit Cap

In the blue corner, we have… Average rents in Brent, as found today at home.co.uk! In the red corner, we have…. Current Housing Benefit limits! …. Aaaaannnd in the.. pink? corner (Column 3 below)… we have the Benefit Cap. Figures are taken from SPeye – and show how the £350 and £500 Benefit Cap will break down […]

Lodgers to cost HB £3.4 billion per year more and get rid of the bedroom tax? Yes!

Reblogged from Speye The coalition say one option to the social tenant hit by bedroom tax is to take in a lodger.  Sod that is a typical first reaction as stranger danger immediately springs to mind, yet that is a stupid and superficial association as I explain below. When we look at taking in a […]

‘Cack-handed’ Eviction Notices reach Harringey Residents

Some disturbing news hit the pages of The Guardian yesterday – tenants participating in the trial of what they describe as ‘the government’s controversial benefit cap’ are being sent eviction letters suggesting they may need to leave their homes within 14 days because the welfare changes mean they “may not be able to afford the rent”. The […]

Caps and Taxes – One Month On…

The Bedroom Tax (and those areas piloting it, the overall Benefit Cap) has now been in place for almost a month. So, is it a resounding success? Unsurprisingly, the answer is a resounding NO. We’ve been following developments in Harringey over the past month, and they are (at best) appalling. As Joe Goldberg wrote in Progress […]

Proposed Brent Discretionary Housing Payment Scheme 2013/14

Brent published this report back in December – it outlines the categories of household which will be eligible for ‘discretionary payments’ in either the short or long term to help them sustain their housing in the face of benefits cuts and breaks down how Brent thinks it will spend the funds. The report suggests that […]

Universal Credit: The Facts

Universal Credit is being launched in October 2013, alongside a plan to introduce a cap, or ceiling, on the total amount of benefit that can be claimed so that workless households should no longer receive more in benefits than the average earnings of working households, or ‘than what they could reasonably expect to earn from working’. A ‘household’ is defined […]

Introducing the ‘Occupied Bedroom Tax’…

Crisis are spreading awareness of a new threat – being termed the ‘occupied bedroom tax’ – due for introduction in October 2013. At the moment, if you are receiving Housing Benefit and have another adult ‘non-dependent’ living in your house, a certain amount is deducted from your HB each week to reflect the fact that they […]