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Do you need help?

If you have been sent a letter warning you that your benefits are going to be cut or suspect that the Benefit Cap will push you into arrears, have a look at some of the links below for advice and support on challenging or resisting the changes… please comment if you have any more useful […]

Meeting Chalkhill

A few of us went up to Chalkhill Estate today to meet some residents and see what they think about the current benefit cuts. Unsurprisingly, most of the people we met – and we met *a lot* – were angry or worried about all the changes, and a sizeable number of people had already been […]

Template Letters

As the cuts start to impact on families and their homes, we’re collecting examples of template letters you can use to challenge changes to your benefits or threats of eviction. If you have found a better one, or have written a letter of your own that you’re happy to share, please let us know. So […]