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Average Brent Rents V Current Housing Benefit Levels V The Benefit Cap

In the blue corner, we have… Average rents in Brent, as found today at home.co.uk! In the red corner, we have…. Current Housing Benefit limits! …. Aaaaannnd in the.. pink? corner (Column 3 below)… we have the Benefit Cap. Figures are taken from SPeye – and show how the £350 and £500 Benefit Cap will break down […]

Lodgers to cost HB £3.4 billion per year more and get rid of the bedroom tax? Yes!

Reblogged from Speye The coalition say one option to the social tenant hit by bedroom tax is to take in a lodger.  Sod that is a typical first reaction as stranger danger immediately springs to mind, yet that is a stupid and superficial association as I explain below. When we look at taking in a […]