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Day of Action – Sat 27th July

So, with loads going on across the country as part of the Day of Action against benefit cuts, we decided to hit Wembley Central again and spread word of the benefit caps coming to Brent. Despite some valiant competition from some very musical religious folk, we spent a few hours getting the message across – […]

Average Brent Rents V Current Housing Benefit Levels V The Benefit Cap

In the blue corner, we have… Average rents in Brent, as found today at home.co.uk! In the red corner, we have…. Current Housing Benefit limits! …. Aaaaannnd in the.. pink? corner (Column 3 below)… we have the Benefit Cap. Figures are taken from SPeye – and show how the £350 and £500 Benefit Cap will break down […]

Open Letter to Brent Social Landlords

We’ve had a number of reports lately of social housing providers and councils across the country taking steps to save their residents from the Bedroom Tax and to support them to challenge  cuts. Some of those are detailed in this great Guardian article, which looks at four of the main ways that Landlords have been […]

‘Cack-handed’ Eviction Notices reach Harringey Residents

Some disturbing news hit the pages of The Guardian yesterday – tenants participating in the trial of what they describe as ‘the government’s controversial benefit cap’ are being sent eviction letters suggesting they may need to leave their homes within 14 days because the welfare changes mean they “may not be able to afford the rent”. The […]