Housing in Brent

We update this site with news and facts relating to Brent Council policies whenever we get them. However, this page has a very quick overview….

Brent is likely to be the worst hit borough in London (and the 15th worst  in  the whole of England) as a result of current benefits changes, with residents losing £150 million pounds each year. That’s a loss of £680 per year to affected adults in Brent.

Local Housing Allowance (where payments for rent in private accommodation were capped) left Brent residents facing a loss of £165 per year – the fourth worst affected in the country.

The Bedroom Tax – for Brent Housing Partnership Tenants:

  • In total there are 1,761 ‘council’ households – ie properties controlled by Brent Council through Brent Housing Partnership – alone are classed as ‘under occupying’ (those who have one or more ‘spare’ bedrooms according to government guidelines) which are in receipt of Housing Benefit. However, in 1,127 of these households the benefit recipient is above the threshold of age 61 and therefore exempt from the changes.
  • This means that there are 634 properties affected by the under occupancy penalty in BHP properties alone.
  • This represents a total Housing Benefit  loss of £11,245 per week, or £584,740 a year, and averages at a loss for each household of  £17.74 each week, or £922.30 a year.

The Council Tax Benefit Cut in Brent

  • More than 24,000 residents previously entitled to Council Tax Benefit are likely to be paying for some or all of their Council Tax from April 1st.
  • Changes to Council Tax benefits will result in residents losing £20 a year – the ninth worst in the country.
  • This 2011 paper from Enititledto tried to estimate the possible overall impact of the cut – and came up with these figures:
    • Total number of CTB claimants = 34,550
    • % of working age claimants = 64%
    • Spending on working age claimants = £21.32 million
    • Size of budget cut = £3.34  million
    • % cut in spending on working age claimants = 16%

The overall Benefits Cap in Brent

  • Around 2,600 Brent households are likely to be affected by the benefit cap
  • The household benefit cap will result in affected adults losing £52 a year – second worst in the country


  1. I am outraged and would like to be part of the Brent campaign but also wider afield as it is affecting the whole country, which is being run by a bunch of superior wealthy, I’m all right jacks, who don’t have a clue about what it is like to worry about how you’re gonna pay your gas bills (Oh I forgot we pay theirs). My thoughts are – you have to pay 20% now towards your CTax but your benefits have increased by about 71p (approx.) Your H Benefit is capped but greedy private landlords are now charging over and above the caps and for a less bedroomed property. The flats go to those who can “top it up” so not perhaps the most needy, that’s if you can find a DSS landlord but of course in the past that was nearly impossible but now its a nice not so little earner with the minimum of space and cheapest “furniture” you can possibly imagine and reluctance to repair anything. A family member was paying £350.00 PW for 2 bedrooms, then rent was capped to £290, part-time wages were swallowed up by the deficit, causing further poverty. After eviction, within 6 months you mainly have studios for £250.00 on average, so a mother and 11 year old are to “live” in a studio, probably no bigger than a cupboard. If they were Housing Assoc. tenants, living in anything smaller than 2 beds would not be allowed. It does not count any more if you’re a mother with a child in need because of your mental health problems and Social Services do nothing, you were born and bred in Brent and your 11 year old has NEVER had a permanent home, my God how much more priority do you need to be? & meanwhile you await your fate in a stinking “hotel” for months with no guarantee of anything at the end of it – Smart Thinking politicians, don’t build Council homes and let private landlords charge whatever they want instead of using that money to build = are they thick? Oh, and let utilities be run as a successful business too, raising tariffs as you please but don’t increase benefit = criminal, well isn’t it just great being poor……. reasons to be cheerful, 1 2 3

    1. Thankyou someone else who is affectex and is stating the obvious. Yet noone seems to care, and no information can be found anywhere about what options there are. My letter of benefits being cut came on a saturday cant contact anyone till monday and I have been worrying and not sleeping with my 3 children. Id love to work if I could afford childcare for my 5mnth old 2yr old and 7yr old.

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