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Hello again!

Firstly apologies to all our followers for the rather long hiatus we’ve taken from the blog. We’ve been somewhat busy this year: some of our activists have found new jobs, some have focussed on other urgent local campaigns while others were sadly socially cleansed from the borough due to the on-going regeneration projects making truly […]

Brent’s Private Rental Sector Licensing Consultation closes tomorrow!

If you haven’t completed Brent’s heavily advertised Private Rental Sector Consultation Questionnaire yet, you now only have until midday tomorrow, 10th March 2014 to do so. If you’re renting in the private sector, a private landlord, or have a property or business in Willesden Green, Harlesden or Wembley Central you really do need to read […]

Do you need help?

If you have been sent a letter warning you that your benefits are going to be cut or suspect that the Benefit Cap will push you into arrears, have a look at some of the links below for advice and support on challenging or resisting the changes… please comment if you have any more useful […]

An Open Letter to Brent Landlords

Brent Housing Action c/o Brent Trades Hall 375 High Road, NW10 2JR 7th July 2013 Cllr Mclennan and Director of housing at Brent Council, Brent Housing Partnership, Genesis Housing Group, Catalyst Housing, Network Stadium Housing Group Metropolitan Housing Trust, Paradigm Housing, Innisfree Housing, Origin, London Strategic   Dear All   RE: Some requirements from […]

Brent FAQ on benefit changes

Brent have published a ‘frequently asked questions’ list detailing how benefit changes might affect people and how Brent will help them. You can read it here. Some bits are OK – offering support and making people aware of the help that they might be eligible for – but the whole document basically aims to remind people […]

A ‘guide to doorknocking’…

If you would like to help out by taking information about benefit changes or copies of the petition out on your street, it can feel a bit intimidating. Here’s a quick guide to get you started: Why we’re doorknocking: We want to make sure that people, even those not affected by cuts, have information about […]

Resources for taking round your street/estate/neighbourhood

Brent Housing Action is getting bigger and bigger… and we want to get more people involved to give and receive support (and help persuade our council to resist and stand against cuts). So if you want to take action, there are a few immediate things you can do: Put up posters in your window or […]

The DWP’s guidance to local authorities…

Check this out: This is what the Department for Work and Pensions tells Brent Council to tell you. Interesting lines… “Bedroom size 12. We will not be defining what we mean by a bedroom in legislation and there is no definition of a minimum bedroom size set out in regulations. It will be up to […]

What our social landlords are saying…

We’ve had a look at the messages Brent social landlords are putting out around the bedroom tax and other benefit changes and linked to them below. If you’re a social landlord or council tenant and you have received a notification you’re willing to share, please email us at – We’re interested in finding out […]

Brent Housing Action flyers

We’ve produced a little flyer that you can download and print to tell your neighbours about the bedroom tax and the Brent campaign against it. You can download it below… bedroom tax print flyer  – this gives some info about BHA and some basic info about who the bedroom tax will and wont affect (this […]