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Brent residents take to the street! Anger at racist local lettings agencies overflows into Willesden High Road.

As Shadow Communities Secretary Hilary Benn called for an “urgent” investigation into the illegal and discriminatory rental policies of certain London letting agencies by writing to the Chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission yesterday[1], the residents of Brent took more immediate direct action against the racists in their community. They paraded their anger […]

Demonstration against racist practices in Willesden Lettings Agencies: Tuesday 15th October 2013

Racist letting agents and landlords STILL exist in Brent: the BBC’s “Inside Out” programme has uncovered ten lettings agencies in North-West London who are prepared to illegally discriminate against prospective African-Caribbean tenants at the request of the property owner. Two of these e agents, National Estate Agents and A-Z Property Services are located in the […]

Welfare Cuts and Changes Workshop 19/10/13

Activists from Brent Housing Action and the Haringey Solidarity Group’s “Benefits Cap” team have joined up to present a workshop on the new Welfare reform mechanisms at this year’s London Anarchist Bookfair. This, the 25th Annual Bookfair,  will be held at Queen Mary University of London, Mile End Road, E1 4NS on October 19th between […]

The Philosophy of The Boudoir; or why we have a Bedroom Tax

On 20th May 2013, Liam Byrne, the Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary made a strangely under-reported attack on the current incumbent Iain Duncan Smith:  “Let me tell the Secretary of State the point of the question: across the country discretionary housing payment fund money is about to run out. In my home city of Birmingham […]

Homebase faces protests over unpaid workers in Haringey and Willesden after attempting to mislead activists again

Boycott Workfare has decided to renew their protests at Homebase stores. To mark the start of this new campaign Boycott Workfare are announcing  simultaneous parallel protests on 22nd September 2013 at 1pm outside both the Willesden and Haringey stores. We are pleased to be joined once again in these protests by activists from Haringey Solidarity […]

Day of Action – Sat 27th July

So, with loads going on across the country as part of the Day of Action against benefit cuts, we decided to hit Wembley Central again and spread word of the benefit caps coming to Brent. Despite some valiant competition from some very musical religious folk, we spent a few hours getting the message across – […]

Some ‘highlights’ on the impact of benefit changes..

We’ve been for a wander around the web – and here are some informative snippets to give you a picture of what’s going on. Click through to read the full stories, or join us on Facebook where we share news and information.. So, to start… how are we doing so far? Everything is fine – […]

Average Brent Rents V Current Housing Benefit Levels V The Benefit Cap

In the blue corner, we have… Average rents in Brent, as found today at! In the red corner, we have…. Current Housing Benefit limits! …. Aaaaannnd in the.. pink? corner (Column 3 below)… we have the Benefit Cap. Figures are taken from SPeye – and show how the £350 and £500 Benefit Cap will break down […]

Do you need help?

If you have been sent a letter warning you that your benefits are going to be cut or suspect that the Benefit Cap will push you into arrears, have a look at some of the links below for advice and support on challenging or resisting the changes… please comment if you have any more useful […]

Lodgers to cost HB £3.4 billion per year more and get rid of the bedroom tax? Yes!

Reblogged from Speye The coalition say one option to the social tenant hit by bedroom tax is to take in a lodger.  Sod that is a typical first reaction as stranger danger immediately springs to mind, yet that is a stupid and superficial association as I explain below. When we look at taking in a […]