Demonstration against racist practices in Willesden Lettings Agencies: Tuesday 15th October 2013

Racist letting agents and landlords STILL exist in Brent: the BBC’s “Inside Out” programme has uncovered ten lettings agencies in North-West London who are prepared to illegally discriminate against prospective African-Caribbean tenants at the request of the property owner. Two of these e agents, National Estate Agents and A-Z Property Services are located in the High Road, Willesden.[1]

The columnist Hugh Muir quotes one of the recorded agents: “We cannot be shown discriminating against a community. But obviously we’ve got our ways around that. Ninety-nine per cent of my landlords don’t want Afro-Caribbeans or any troublesome people.”[2]

Brent Housing Action opposes such overtly racist practices and comments; everyone has the right to decent accommodation and the security of tenure that allows a place to be regarded as a home.

Join us in picketing these two racist businesses and let them and their customers know that their behaviour is unacceptable to the whole community.

We will meet outside National Estate Agents at 75 High Road, close to Willesden Green Underground Station at 12:30pm before proceeding to A-Z Property Services at 274 High Road. The demonstration will finish at approximately 2pm.

Updates will be available from:

See you there!

Edit: The programme can now be viewed here:

[2] “’Post-racial’ Britain – what lies beneath”, The Guardian G2, p.15, 14th October 2013


  1. abraham wilson · · Reply

    These agencies are aware of the division of communities throughout the world ?

    Is this what they are seeking to achieve in the UK ?

    Are they so obsessed with Greed they attempt to divide people ?

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