Day of Action – Sat 27th July

So, with loads going on across the country as part of the Day of Action against benefit cuts, we decided to hit Wembley Central again and spread word of the benefit caps coming to Brent.

Despite some valiant competition from some very musical religious folk, we spent a few hours getting the wembley centralmessage across – that the benefit cap is coming soon; that it will cap total household benefits at a level barely above average social housing rents, and below average Brent rents for flats and houses in the private sector; and that Brent Council still have the option of opposing these cuts or taking a stand against them.

As always, responses ranged from people who have already been affected (for example, by being told by a landlord that they will need to move) to those who were angry about benefit changes, to a few who thought that the benefit cap was so unbelievable that it probably wasn’t going to happen. A few passers-by seemed to agree with the idea of the cap – but we found that most people were so confused about what it would actually involve that those we explained the facts to were almost universally disgusted.

We gave out a load of flyers with further details about the cap, and also of our wonderful pub quiz fundraiser next week… check them out below!

bencap2 bencap1


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