Resources for taking round your street/estate/neighbourhood

Brent Housing Action is getting bigger and bigger… and we want to get more people involved to give and receive support (and help persuade our council to resist and stand against cuts). So if you want to take action, there are a few immediate things you can do:

  • Put up posters in your window or on your street (Hands Off Our Homes is here, and the BHA flyers are here and here)
  • Knock on doors in your area – especially if you know where to find social housing tenants – and let your neighbours know what’s going on and how to fight it (link to a guide to doorknocking here shortly)
  • Pass on the link to the petition, or download and print out the petition to put up in your local school or community centre
  • Come along to a meeting and share your stories – we meet every other Tuesday at Brent Mencap (379 – 381 High Rd) and everyone is welcome
  • Let us know if you – or anyone you know – is experiencing the effects of the cuts. We can offer support, advice, information or help you share your stories with the community and the press

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